Downloading Event Orders for an Event

While you can download all event orders for a date range on the Events List or Reports page, you may prefer to download event orders for a specific event. You are able to do this on the calendar.

  1. Go to any of the calendar views and click an event box. On the monthly view, the summary slider will open. On the grid or day views, select View summary in the menu.
  2. Click the menu icon in the upper-right and select View Event Orders.

    In the slider, all the event orders created for the event are listed. We also list the template used for the event order (in case your venue has multiple templates and you need a specific one) as well as the name or number of functions included in the event order.

  3. Select the event orders you would like to download. If you are looking for a specific room or date, click Filter. All rooms on event orders will be listed. All dates with functions will also be listed, but only dates with event orders will be checked.
  4. Once you've selected event orders, click Download.

A single PDF containing all the event orders (sorted by date/time) will be downloaded to your device.

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