Release 32 - Operations Daily View and Prospects


  • We now have an Operations Daily View! This view allows your ops staff to view the event details for a specific room filtered by a specific department, without having to reference event orders. We've optimized this page for tablets, so the ops team will be able to reference the latest information directly from VenueOps. Only users with the Director of Operations or the Operations Staff role will have access to this page - if you don't see it, please have the Admin on your account check your roles. See this article for additional details!
  • A new event status of Prospect has been added. A prospect is "between" an inquiry and a tentative: spaces are added to a prospect, but the space is not held. Prospects will be useful if you wish to create proposals listing specific spaces, but you will want to be sure to book the spaces (so they have a tentative or definite status) before you send out contracts. For instructions on creating a prospect, please see this article.
    • Please note that any existing custom list or calendar views will not have prospects included. Click the filter icon to add the prospect status to your view.
  • On the grid view, we've expanded and updated the options:
    • You can now view between seven and 42 days.
    • There are three display options, which can be used with any number of days. To update your display settings, click the Display Options icon while on the grid view and update as noted below:
      • Condensed view, where the number of bookings in that room on that day is displayed (check Condensed under Grid Layout)
      • Regular view displaying as single day events, where each day has its own day block (check View/Manage As Single Day Events under Grid Layout)
      • Regular view with events spanning across days (un-check View/Manage As Single Day Events under Grid Layout)
    • This means that if you'd like, you can do a six-week spanning view:


  • Actual Revenues:In the past, we did not "stamp" revenue on an event until it was finalized. We've had many requests for the ability to report on the actual revenues or to see rolling actuals for the event, so now we will be "stamping" a revenue amount on the event each time any revenue item is added or updated. As a result, actual revenue amounts will now be available for reporting and will be listed on the events list before the event is finalized. We've also updated the event details overview to include this information.
    On the calendar, estimates will still be displayed until the event is finalized. If we hear requests to display the rolling actual on the calendar, we can split that single setting into two to accommodate that.
  • When you view the calendar with events spanning, functions will now list the day of the function as well as the time.
  • We have a new user default setting! For those of you who create event orders, you can now specify whether you'd like the Create one event order per detail setting on or off by default. To update this setting, click on your name and select My Settings.
  • You are now able to mark an event as Lost from the calendar (we've got step by step instructions here).
  • You are now able to edit an event's unique ID. You can do this on the Edit Info slider on either the event details page or the calendar summary slider.
  • When you are emailing documents, we always recommend to check Send copy to me. This will now be checked by default.
  • We've added the account creation date to the account details page. Previously you could only see that in the accounts list.
  • We had estimated event attendance labeled as expected attendance on the calendar. We've updated that for consistency. Note that this is the event estimated attendance, not the function expected attendance - function attendance cannot be displayed on the calendar.
  • The biggest improvement is one we can't really show you! We rewrote the calendar to improve performance on the grid and day views for our larger venues. Hopefully those of you with a large number of rooms will see a speed boost due to these updates.
    Due to these changes, calendar pages are no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


  • Chinese characters were not rendering properly in PDF exports
  • The Edit Series Time slider was listing lost events.
  • If a contact was assigned two different roles on an event, merging that contact with another would fail.
  • Updating an invoice or re-generating an event order failed if the document's template had been removed. Now, you'll get a warning to choose a new template.
  • A recent release of Android Chrome prevented scrolling in the mobile calendar and then they did another release which fixed it. We've updated our code so if they make similar changes in the future, it should not break the calendar again.
  • Clicking Today in the day view took you to today, but it also shifted your view to start at 2pm. Now, it will retain the hour span you were previously viewing.
  • The Any Inquiry Created notification will now include who created the inquiry.
  • Ampersands in uploaded document names caused issues when those documents were downloaded.
  • Functions booked in the member room of a combo were not displaying correctly on grid and day views.