Book a Prospect

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability > Tentative or Definite

A prospect is "between" an inquiry and a tentative: spaces are added to a prospect, but the space is not held. This allows you to know which spaces your client is interested in and create proposals based on those spaces, but a prospect's spaces have not been booked - other users will be able to hold the space or place confirmed events on the dates of your prospect. When you are at the point in a sale where you need to hold the space, such as when you are ready to send a contract to the client, you will need to book the prospect as a tentative or definite event. This will ensure you have the space available when the contract is returned.

Please be aware that once a prospect is booked and the event has a tentative or definite status, it cannot changed back to a prospect. You will need to cancel the original event and rebook it as a prospect.

This article will walk you through booking space for a prospect. If you need to create a prospect, please see Creating a Prospect.

  1. Open the Book Prospect slider. This can be done from the calendar or the prospect's details page.
    1. Click the event to open its summary slider.
    2. Click Book Prospect at the bottom of the slider.
    1. Click Booking.
    2. Click the Spaces subtab.
    3. Click Book Prospect.
  2. The statuses for the event's spaces will default to the next available tentative for that room on that date. You can override each status individually, per date, or for the entire event. If there is a potential double booking, the status bubble will be filled in instead of outlined.
  3. When the desired statuses are set, click Save.
  4. If there are any potential double bookings, you will need to confirm that you want to book the prospect.