★ Operations Daily View

The Operations Daily View allows your Ops staff to view the event details for a specific room filtered by a specific department, without having to reference event orders. Only users with the operations permission will have access to this page.

Click on Operations in the sidebar to load the view.

The view will default to today, with all departments, functions, and rooms displaying.

You may use the arrows to go forward or back a day, or click the date to open the date picker.

In the upper right, click the filter_list funnel icon to filter what information displays.

By default, all information will display.

To filter information:

  • Click in the Departments field to choose the department(s) you wish to view.
  • Uncheck Include all functions and rooms to be able to choose:
    • Whether you would like to include event-wide details and/or no-room functions.
    • Which room(s) you would like to view.

Once you have updated your filtering options, click Save.

Items and instructions for the day, department(s), and room(s) you selected will display.

For each function, you will be able to view the:

  1. Function time
  2. Function name
  3. Event name
  4. Room layout
  5. Room diagram (click to download)
  6. Each department's instructions
  7. Each department's items (with quantity)

Downloading the Ops View

To download the Ops view, click the cloud_download download icon in the upper-right corner. The download icon will only appear when function information is displayed.

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