★ Operations Daily View

Permissions needed:

  • Operations to access the page
  • To access event details on the page, view access to the venue is needed

The Operations Daily View allows your Ops staff to view the event details for specific rooms filtered by specific departments without having to reference event orders.

Click local_shipping Operations on the left.

The page will default to today with either your default view or the last view you used selected.

For each function (and event-wide details), you will be able to view the:

  1. Function date and time
  2. Function name - click to go event details > detailing with the function's slider open
  3. Event name - click to go to event details > overview
  4. Room setup
  5. Room diagram - click picture_as_pdf to preview PDFs or the paperclip icon to download other file types
  6. Function status
  7. Department name
  8. Category name
  9. Item or instruction times, if applicable (event-wide items and instructions can also have dates)
  10. Item name or instruction title
  11. Item note or instruction description

You can now:

View a Different Date

There are three ways you can go to a different date on the Operations page.

  • Click the chevron_left left or chevron_right right arrows to move a single day.
  • Click the date to open the date picker, then select a specific date.
  • Click Today to go to the current day.

Change Your View and Filter Settings

Click your current view in the upper-left corner to open the list of views available to you, then select the one you want to use.

If you have either the Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views permission, you can also adjust specific filter settings by clicking the filter_list filter icon in the upper-right corner.

For more information, please see the Create a Custom Operations View article.

Show Changes

Event details change tracking tracks changes to functions, items, and instructions when enabled. For more information, please see Track Changes to Event Details.

Change tracking allows you to:

  • View all functions or only changed functions
  • Select which changes you'd like to see

And the change filtering options work with the existing filtering options, so you'll be able to view changes specific to a room, department, or event. You'll also be able to save your change filtering options to a saved view, so you with one click you'll be able to view, for example, any changes in the past six hours.

Download the Ops View

To download the Ops view, click the cloud_download download icon in the upper-right corner.