Manage Reasons for Lost Business

When an event is marked as lost, you are required to select from a list of reasons why the business was lost. These reasons are added in the Sys Admin section of your account. To access this section, you must have the System Admin role.

  1. Click your name in the upper-left.
  2. Click System Admin.
  3. Click event Events in the left sidebar and select the Booking tab.
  4. Click Reasons for Loss.
  5. Click the blue-circled edit edit icon.
  6. Make any changes and adjustments that are needed:
    • Click into an existing reason's name field to edit it.
    • Click the delete remove icon to remove a reason.
    • Click + Add Reason for Loss to add a line for a new reason.
      Note: a name is required for every line. If you decide that you don't need a new line, click its delete remove icon.
  7. When you are done making changes, click Save.