Add Estimated Revenue to an Inquiry, Prospect, or Event

Permissions needed: Venue Access > Finances > Edit Estimates

Tracking estimated cost and/or revenue is a great way to compare the business value of different possible leads, as well as to report on the value of lost business. You are able to add estimates for each revenue stream on your account. Note that this is estimated revenue, not estimated price, and thus tax is not included in these amounts.

Actual cost and/or revenue is recorded on the event details page in several places, depending on the source:
  • Rental rates added on the Booking tab
  • Items added on the Detailing page
  • Additional revenue on the Financials > Details tab
For more information about adding actual revenue or costs, please see Event Financials.

To add estimated cost and/or revenue to an inquiry, prospect, or event:

  1. Go to the event details page and then to the Financials > Estimates tab.
  2. Click the edit pencil by Revenues.
  3. Add the estimates and click Save.
  4. The estimates will be saved.

Estimates can be pulled into reports. They will also display on the:

  • Financials > Summary tab:
  • Overview tab:
  • Event List:
  • Calendar (see this article for more information on calendar display options):