All About Event Statuses

Events have two statuses to show where they are in your venue's sales/booking workflow: the event status and the contract status.

The event status is based on the status of the booked spaces. The statuses are:

Inquiry Inquiries are used for leads in the early part of the sales process if the rooms the client would like to book are still unknown. Since inquiries do not have rooms, they will not display on the calendar grid, but we'll have an inquiry icon in the header where you can view inquiries for that time.
Prospect Prospects have rooms with a prospect status. Prospects do not conflict check against tentative or definite events, but you are warned if you are creating a prospect where there is already another event. These are best used for opportunities, since you can create proposals which list the rooms. These are also useful for internal space requests by staff.
Tentative Tentative events reserve space while you wait for the client to confirm, whether the client is a conference deciding on a market or a promoter booking a tour. Each individual space will have a hold rank/option which defaults to the order in which the rooms were booked. If you display status on the calendar, each room will display its rank, but the monthly calendar displays the "lowest" rank for the rooms on that day.
Definite Definite events are ones which you know are definitely happening - whether it's an internal staff meeting, a concert which has been confirmed, or a conference which has been contracted. An event is considered definite once one or more spaces have a definite status. During the onboarding process your venue will develop a workflow which specifies when the event status is changed to confirmed.

Please note that you are able to rename prospect, tentative, and definite to match the terms used in your venue, such as request, hold, pencil, or confirmed (see this article).

Events and inquiries also have a contract status. Contract statuses are:

  • No proposal or contract
  • Proposal Created
  • Proposal Sent
  • Proposal Approved
  • Contract Waiting to Send
  • Contract Sent
  • Contract Signed

Your venue's event workflow is how your events move through these space and contracting statuses. In VenueOps these statuses work independently to give our clients maximum flexibility, but we recommend establishing a sales/booking workflow so that there is a standard procedure in your venue for when an event is promoted to the next status.

We are able to work with you to develop a workflow which covers the full lifecycle of your events and encompasses all departments. Contact us to discuss this further!