You are able to flag functions as performances:

You can also flag a function as a performance as you create it (via the Add Function slider or the mass editor), or you can edit functions which have already been created (see this article).

With our latest update, you have the ability to select a function type (if enabled on your account by your system admin). Currently, the performance checkbox is not tied directly to function types. Please continue to select the performance checkbox for any functions you would like to flag so you will have access to the features outlined this article.

Once a function is flagged as a performance:

  • It will be listed on the Live Entertainment tab. You will be able to track ticket numbers as well as F&B and merch per cap per performance, and those amounts will automatically aggregate for the entire event. For more information about adding flash report information, please see this article.
  • You are able to create various performance reports and lists as needed:
    • Filter the function list to show only performances.
    • Report by performance.
    • Create a list of performances, or format performances differently in documents.
  • It will be bold when it is displayed on the calendar.

Performances are only available for event types which have been marked as a Live Entertainment type. If you don't see the performance option, ask your system admin to update the event types as needed (see this article for more information).

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