Send a Document to DocuSign

Permissions needed: Edit permission for the type of document being sent.

Many venues use DocuSign to facilitate electronic signatures for their documents. With the DocuSign integration, you are able to send proposals, contracts, addendums, event orders, event summaries, and invoices to DocuSign with just a few clicks. If you're interested in this integration, please contact Client Success for pricing and more information.

At this time, only one document can be sent to VenueOps at a time and documents cannot be added to existing envelopes from VenueOps. If you have multiple documents requiring a signature (such as an invoice being sent with the contract), the additional documents can be uploaded to DocuSign separately.

Depending on where you would like the signed document to appear in VenueOps and whether you would like the contract status to update automatically, you may choose to send the contract and upload the invoice or send the invoice and upload the contract. See step 11 for more details about how the different documents behave.

To send a document to DocuSign:

  1. Go to the details page for the event and go to the tab which has the document to send:
    • Proposals, contracts, and addendums are on the Contracting tab.
    • Event orders are on the Event Orders tab.
    • Event Summaries are on the Documents > Summaries tab.
    • Invoices are on the Financials > Invoices tab.
  2. Click the document you want to send to open its details slider.
  3. In the slider, click the mail envelope icon and select Send [document type] to DocuSign.
    If an event order is out of date, the mail envelope icon will not appear. Click the red button to update the event order.

  4. Fill out the required fields:
    1. In the drop down, select the document you want to send.
    2. In the Signer drop down, select the event contact you want to sign the document.
    3. Type a subject. This will be the name of the envelope in DocuSign.

  5. When sending an event order, event summary, or invoice:
    1. Select the event document folder you would like the signed document to be returned to (optional). These documents are returned to the Documents tab and can be organized into folders if you wish.
    2. Select which user roles should have permission to view the signed documents. Because the documents are returned to the Documents tab, they will be outside of their usual locations and could be viewed by users who, for example, have permission to the Documents tab but not to the Invoices tab. Selecting user roles allows you to restrict access.

  6. Click Send.
  7. On several document types, there will be status updates in VenueOps:
    • If you sent a proposal, the event's contract status will update to Proposal Sent.
    • If you sent a contract, the event's contract status will update to Contract Sent.
    • If you sent an invoice, the invoice will be marked as sent.
  8. DocuSign will open in a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings. If this does not happen, please make sure that your browser is not blocking pop-ups from either VenueOps or DocuSign.
  9. If you are not signed in to DocuSign, you will be prompted to do so.
  10. Your document will now be in DocuSign. Follow your normal DocuSign workflow to add your needed fields and send the document to the signer. If you need help with DocuSign, please refer to the DocuSign Support Center.
    If you have additional documents to include in this envelope, download the others from VenueOps and add them to the envelope in DocuSign.

  11. Once the envelope is completed — all required signatures in all documents are finished — all signed documents will be returned to VenueOps along with DocuSign's certificate of completion.
    • The DocuSign envelope ID and date of completion will be included in the document's description field. You are able to search in DocuSign by the envelope ID.
    • An entry in the event's activity log will be added noting that the document was signed in DocuSign and added to the event. This log is visible on the event and also in the Global Activity Log. You are able to create a view in the Global Activity Log to see all documents returned in a certain time frame (see Create a Custom Activity Log View/Report).
    • The event's contract status may update:
      • If a proposal was signed, the contract status will update to Proposal Approved.
      • If a contract was signed, the contract status will updated to Contract Signed.
      • Note that the event status will not update automatically.
    • Depending on the document type which was sent to DocuSign, the documents will be returned one of two places. If more than one document type is in an envelope, all documents will be returned to the location of the document which was sent from VenueOps and created the envelope.
      • Proposals, contracts, and addendums will be returned to the Contracting tab.
      • Event orders and event summaries are returned to the Documents tab.
      • Invoices are returned to the Account documents tab. If the invoice was sent from the event details page, it will also be returned to the Event documents tab.