Color Coding Your Calendar

You must have either the Edit Private Saved Views or the Edit Shared Saved Views permission in order to change colors on the calendar.

This article walks you through the options for coloring for your calendar. You may also:

  • Choose what information displays for each event as well as if events should span across days or appear as single-day events. See this article about display options.
  • Filter which events and other information (internal events, blackouts, notes, publicity dates) displays. Please see this article on filtering.

You are able to save your changes to use again by creating custom calendar views.

To access the display options and change the color coding, click the storage display options icon in the upper-right corner of your calendar:

Coloring Options

By Status

On spanning views, the span is colored by the overall event status, but in single-day views it is colored by the room status for that day. All tentative events will be colored the same, no matter their rank (T1, T2, etc.).

By space
By event type

To change the color:

  • Click in the header to change an entire group.
  • Click an individual item to change just its color.

Once you have updated your display options, click Save at the bottom of the display options slider. If you wish to use this view again, don't forget to save the changes to your view after applying the filters! Click the save save icon in the upper-left corner by the view dropdown. If the view is locked, click the settings gear icon to open the view's slider, then the edit pencil icon, and temporarily unlock the view to save the changes. Don't forget to lock the view again!