★ How do I reset my password?

If you are getting an "invalid username or password" message and are in the Asia Pacific region, please double check that you are logging in at login.ap-venueops.com.

If you've forgotten your password and can't log in:

  1. Go to the VenueOps login page at login.venueops.com and click Forgot Password.
  2. Enter your email address in the field and click Send Email.
  3. You'll see a confirmation message. You can click Sign In to return to the sign-in page.
  4. Go to your email application and find the new Password Reset Request email in your inbox.
    Clicking the link in your activation email will not allow you to reset your password.
  5. Click the blue Reset Password button in the email.
  6. On the password reset page, type in your new password in the first field.
  7. Type it again in the second field to confirm it.
  8. Click Reset Password.
  9. You'll see a confirmation message. Click Sign In to return to the sign-in page.
  10. On the sign-in page, enter your email and new password.
  11. Click Sign In.
  12. You'll now be signed in to VenueOps.

Please note that we do not have the ability to reset your password over the phone - please use the "forgot password" link outlined above.

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