Real-Time Stock Alerts

Setting stock levels for your inventory items allows you to get real-time stock alerts when you add or edit items on events. A few notes about these alerts:

  • Stock alerts are intended for non-consumable items, equipment like chairs, tables, and projectors, not items like bottles of water or other food and beverages.
  • Alerts will only display for items that have stock levels set in Inventory & Prices. For step-by-step instructions for adding stock levels, please see Edit Inventory Items.
  • If an item's quantity is set automatically using a function's guaranteed attendance, it will not be counted against the stock level.
  • Available stock levels are calculated by whole days. Event and function times do not affect this feature.

If you try to add more of an item than is available for that day, a warning will display.

If you ignore the warning, a stock alert will pop up to make sure you noticed the overallocation.

If an item is overallocated, a stock alert will display when:

  • More of that item is added to the day(s) it is overallocated.
  • Editing the item within the day(s) it is overallocated.

You can remove the stock alerts by either decreasing the quantities on the functions and/or event-wide details that are using it or increasing the stock level in Inventory & Pricing.

You can also see your overallocated items by running an Insights report or having a dashboard set display them.

An Insights stock report

An Insights dashboard showing overallocated items

Please contact our Client Success team to request an Insights stock report or dashboard.