Copying Details from One Event to Another

If you have a repeat client whose events are very similar each time, it may be easier to copy the details from the last event and update them rather than starting from scratch. You are able to copy the event-wide details, functions, and their associated items and instructions from one event to another as long as the functions have the same booked spaces.

In order to copy functions and their details, the space the function is in on the original event must also be booked on the event it is being copied to.

To copy event-wide details, functions, items, and instructions from one event to another:

  1. Go to the event details page of the event you are copying to. On the detailing tab, click the copy icon.
  2. In the slider, search for and select the event you wish to copy from.
  3. Select the type of details you wish to copy - perhaps you want the event service items (furniture, AV, etc.) and labor but not the food and beverage.
  4. Select attendance if you'd like to copy the function attendance amounts.
  5. If you haven't applied a price schedule to your event yet, you'll need to choose that now. If you have, you won't see a price schedule option.
  6. Select the event-wide details and functions you would like to copy. Some notes:
    1. If a function cannot be selected, it is because its space is not booked on the event you are copying to.
    2. In order to copy the items and instructions, you must copy the function those items and instructions are attached to.
  7. Once you have made all your selections, click Copy Event.
  8. The selected functions have been copied along with their items and instructions.

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