Function Quick Copy on the Mass Editor

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

If you are building out an event schedule in the mass editor and have similar functions, you can use the quick copy to copy functions rather than creating each one separately.

To quick copy a function:

  1. Go to the Detailing tab of your event.
  2. Choose a function mass editor based on the functions you would like to edit:
    1. Click the list_alt mass edit icon in the Functions header to edit all functions for the event.
    2. Click the list_alt mass edit icon in the event-wide header to edit all event-wide functions on the event.
    3. Click the list_alt mass edit icon next to a date to edit the functions only for that day.
    The function mass editor can also be accessed on the Functions tab on the event summary from the calendar.
  3. Click the content_copy copy icon by a row to create a new function row with the same information as the original one. Please note that only the information you see in the mass editor is copied - any items, instructions, room diagrams, etc. are not copied.
    If you would like to copy details from one function to another (to an existing function or creating a function in the process), please see Copy Details From One Function to Another for more information.
  4. Update your new function's information as needed. Click Save to save your work, or click Save and Close to save your work and close the function mass editor.