User Roles

VenueOps users are assigned different roles based on their workflow. Each role gives users access to permissions and features needed to fulfill that role. Current roles are:

  • Booker
  • Director of Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Director of Operations
  • Operations Staff
  • Calendar Viewer Only

Each user will have one "workflow" role per venue; there's generally no need to double up. For example, a Booker has all the permissions of a Sales Manager plus Avails, etc. Bookers, Directors of Sales, and Sales Managers can do everything an Event Coordinator can. There's no need to give any of those users the Calendar Viewer Only role - those roles already give calendar access. The only exception is if you'd like both avails access and permission to approve contracts - that user will need both Booker and Director of Sales.

  • Any user may also have the Sys Admin or Accounts Receivable role in addition to their workflow role.
  • All roles except for Calendar Viewer will have access to Company Settings (Inventory, Price Schedules, and Task Templates).
  • The chart below is feature-based; for more information on how to apply these roles to the users at your venue, see this article.
  • There is some nuance to how different roles interact on events which are booked in both venues when a user has different roles in each. Please see this article for all the fine print.
VenueOps Roles
VenueOps Features Booker DOS, Sales Manager Event Coordinator DOO, Ops Staff Calendar Viewer Only
Live Entertainment
Visibility Settings
Regular Events
Internal Events
Contract Approval DOS Only
Regular Events
Internal Events
download download
When documents are uploaded, you may specify which roles may access them.
Event Orders download
Exhibitor Orders download
Add/Edit Payments add A/R role add A/R role add A/R role
View Events
Event List
Insights Reports
These roles have access to the Reports page. Reports are shared on a user-by-user basis.
Insights Dashboards
Specialized Roles
Role Description
System Admin
Add this role to a user to allow them access to the Admin console to control account-wide settings. For details about the sys admin role and the settings they can access, please see this article.
Accounts Receivable
The accounts receivable role allows the user the ability to add, edit, and remove payments. Note that the AR role does not stand on its own - you must give a user permission to the event details page via one of the other roles. For example, if you would like to give someone in your Finance department the permission to log payments but limit their ability to change bookings, we recommend pairing the Event Coordinator + Accounts Receivable roles for them.
Calendar Viewer Only
A Calendar Viewer has access only to the calendar and information visible on the calendar and summary slider, including estimated and actual financials and any outstanding balance. A calendar viewer does not have access to the accounts, contacts, or events lists. A viewer is able to export the calendar to PDF, but cannot access the iCal feeds. If a user has other roles, they do not need to be assigned this role -- calendar access is included in all other roles except Super Admin.

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