Adding Information to Events

You are able to add instructions and information to your events by building the event schedule with functions and then adding information via instructions for your various department personnel.

You may find, though, that there is information you need to include on your event orders which can be the same from event to event, such as designated entrances, closed/open sections, or standard instructions for certain event types. While this information can be added as instructions, if you add the same information on a regular basis you could save time by adding the information as information items, or info items for short.

Info items are exactly what they sound like: they're for informational use only and thus do not have a quantity, cost, or price. They will not be billed but can be included in your event orders. They also display on the operations daily view.

Info items are created in the same way as the other items in your inventory library, but when you add or edit an info item, check the No quantity required box. Since these work just like inventory items, they will need to be added to the event's price schedule so that they are available to be selected. This also allows you to not include them on price schedules for events where they are not applicable, such as the arena entrance items not being added to the convention center price schedule.

For full instructions on adding info items to your inventory library, please see this article.

When info items are added to events, the quantity, cost, and price fields will not be available, and "unbillable" is checked. You can add a start and end time if you wish, or add additional information in the description field. If information was added to the item's description in the inventory library, that will be pulled in to this field, and you can edit it for this event if needed.

For step-by-step instructions on adding items to events, please see this article.

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