Adding a Payment

Payments for events are recorded on the event's account; you may also associate them with a specific event. While a payment's event association can change, it cannot be moved to a different account. Payments can be recorded from either the account details page or the event details page.

  1. Go to the payments section on either the:
    • Account details page > Financials tab.
    • Event details page > Financials > Payments.
  2. Click the + plus by Payments.
  3. In the Create Payment slider, add the payment information:
    1. Payment account. If you are adding the payment from the account page, this cannot be changed. On the event details page, only accounts associated with the event will be listed.
    2. Payment date
    3. Payment amount
    4. Payment type (if your account has payment types added)
    5. A reference number (optional)
    6. Any notes about the payment (optional)
  4. In the Events section, you will be able to associate the payment with an event. If you are on the event details page, the event will already be selected. Click the edit pencil icon to open the Events slider.
  5. Type in the event name to search for your event and select it. Note that only events associated with the payment's account will appear.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If the account has any invoices with a balance due, those invoices will be listed. Type in the amount you would like to allocate towards each invoice, or... Click the blue arrow to allocate the payment to the invoice. If the payment is more than the invoice balance, a menu will appear.
    • Invoice Balance will allocate an amount from the payment that matches the remaining invoice balance.
    • Remaining Payment will apply the unallocated amount of the payment to this invoice.
    If the amount applied to the invoice is greater than the invoice balance, warning a yellow warning icon will appear. You will still be able to save.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The payment will be listed with an overview of its details.
  10. Click the payment to open its details slider and view payment details. Here you can also:
    • Click the mail envelope icon to send a payment receipt.
    • Click the picture_as_pdf PDF icon to preview or download a payment receipt.
    • Click the edit pencil icon to edit any payment information.

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