Allocate a Payment or Credit

Permissions needed: Edit Payments & Credits or Edit Invoices

You may allocate a payment or credit to an invoice via either the payment/credit or the invoice.

  • When you add a payment to VenueOps, you are able to allocate it to any invoice for that account that has an open balance. Please see Add a Payment for instructions. Note that credits cannot be allocated on creation.
  • To allocate an existing payment or credit to an invoice, click on the payment or credit to open its details slider. Once the slider is open, click the edit pencil in the upper-right corner to edit the payment or credit. For more information editing payments and credits, please see Edit a Payment and Editing a Credit.
  • When you create an invoice, you'll be able to allocate any existing payments or credits on the account. See Create an Invoice for complete instructions.
  • If you edit an invoice, you'll have the opportunity to allocate credits and payments. To edit an invoice, click it to open the details slider and click the edit pencil in the upper-right. If you don't see the pencil, the invoice has already been sent. A user with permission will need to mark the invoice not sent before it can be edited. For more information, please see Edit an Invoice. .