Creating an Invoice

Invoices can be created from either the account's financials tab or the event's financials tab.

  1. On the financials tab, click the + plus by Invoices to open the Create Invoice slider.
  2. On the Create Invoice slider, add invoice information:
    1. If you are on the event, choose the account you would like to bill. You'll have the choice of the contracting account and any accounts linked via contacts on the event. If you are on the account, the account will be chosen and cannot be changed.
    2. Choose a billing contact. Only contacts belonging to the account you chose will be listed.
    3. Enter a due date for the invoice.
    4. Add a purchase order number if needed. If the account requires a purchase order, this field will be required (see this article for more information).
    5. If your account has more than one invoice template, choose the correct template.
  3. If you are on the account, click the edit pencil by Events to choose which events you would like to bill for. If you are on the event, the event will already be selected, but you may click the pencil to add charges from other events to this invoice.
  4. Select the event or events you wish to bill for and click Save.
  5. Once the event has been selected, click the event to select charges to include on the invoice.
  6. On the Select Charges slider, select the charges you would like to include on this invoice. To make selecting certain charges easier, you may group the charges by date or department. Items will note their function (or event-wide details). Rental rates will note their usage.
  7. Once you have selected all charges to be included on the invoice, click Select.
  8. If the account has any unallocated credits or payments, you may click the edit pencil by Credits or Payments to allocate them to this invoice.
  9. In the Allocate Payments or Allocate Credits slider, click the blue arrow to allocate the full payment/credit (up to the invoice balance) or type the amount you would like to allocate.
  10. When you are finished allocating, click Save.
  11. When all information for your invoice has been added, click Save.
  12. The invoice has been created. Once the document is generated, it is ready to send.

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